Symposium 2015 , Venice (IT)


View from Academia bridge, Venice

Almost a week ago I got back from the very inspiring week in Venice, Symphosium 2015 10th year anniversary which was organised by legendary wedding photographer Yervant and his wonderful wife Annie who has such a feminine vibes and whatever she goes she fill  spaces with heart shapes:) Purchasing ticket to this workshop was a best decision I ever made, yes I did workshops previously, but this was simply not the same. It was a romantic week with my camera and constant  fight with mosquitos who literally kissed my face so i could remember those nights for long:) But all that time spend with talented, fun, outgoing and inspiring people left a deep mark inside my

Thank you to:

Masters of printing GraphiStudio, 3 musketeers Tullio Tramontina, Maurizio Corazza & Enzo Piazza for giving as a chance to experience and see how the artwork is born in the hands of hardworking people.


Tullio Tramontina, Maurizio Corazza, Enzo Piazza & Yervant


with my inspiration Kelly Brown

Kelly Brown, Michele Celentano, Jeff Acough, Rocco Ancora, Keda Z, David Brenot, Salvatore Dimino, David Bastianoni, Jerry Ghionis, Melissa Ghionis, Vicky Papas-Vergara and Nik Pekridis for opening our mind and sharing all your personal knowledge with us. My next mission is create a perfect price list, get that ICE LIGHT and hunt for clients so i can apply some tips you gave us and when i can create even some magic:)


Photo by Alan Harbord

And of course the biggest THANK YOU to Annie and Yervant for putting all this names in line and creating unforgettable week of excitement, surprises, strong emotional experience, we all hope what to be is continued…

Annie & Yearvant

Annie & Yearvant

P.S. Wanna thank to all wonderful people who i become friends with and we managed to create so many good memories, dance night away, laugh and extend our lives FOREVER!!!

Jeremy Price, Karen Massey, Maria Marsa, Alan Harbord, Andrew Younger, Alyona Ulanovskaya, Irina  Zelenkova, Clare Louise, Susan Rene, David & Marion Gilbert  and others who i didn’t had time to get to know more when i wish i could. Well Its so hard to get back to real life after all this:)

More images will be posted on my facebook page Images Of Love
IMG_9548 IMG_9556 IMG_9567

Angela Mazur_ UK

My image for Symposium 2015 book what was released by GraphiStudio


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