Reda & Charlotte Wedding in France. Full Story

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I’m finally taking the time to send our biggest thank you for our wonderful wedding pictures!! You are the best photographer I could have dreamt of, and I still can’t believe you just accepted to take a few trains all the way to France to be with us on our special day. 1000 thanks for your genuine creativity, your unstoppable energy, your fantastic positive attitude and warmth and smiles; you made us and guests feel at ease despite the barrier language and we have beautiful and spontaneous pictures of all our guests. By the way, friends and family are regularly asking about you!! You have a magic power and create beauty out of any scene (our 1st look was hurried, yet you managed to get the best shots! Kids making up their own games could have been left unknown, but you were there to capture this beautiful moment of innocence.) Your attention to detail goes beyond expectations (my earrings on a leaf and my perfume on a bed of daisies! Detail shots of my mum’s dress, of all the ladies’ shoes in the bus, of the decoration, etc…). We’ve communicated well ahead of the event and you were always open-minded and enthusiastic, ready to take up challenges and go up the ladder for creativity and originality, and all this ensured the best results! Nothing have been missed! But most of all, thank you for all the emotions you were able to capture. Thanks to you, these moments of happiness, bliss, true love and friendship will be preserved for life and for us to cherish and share with our loved ones. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!! Much love, Charlotte et Reda <3

Charlotte and Reda Wedding-3397

Charlotte and Reda Wedding-3177Charlotte and Reda Wedding-3422Charlotte and Reda Wedding-3355Charlotte and Reda Wedding-3496Charlotte and Reda Wedding-3505Charlotte and Reda Wedding-3426

Charlotte and Reda Wedding-3607Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4632Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4643Charlotte and Reda Wedding-3593Charlotte and Reda Wedding-3779Charlotte and Reda Wedding-3677Charlotte and Reda Wedding-3714Charlotte and Reda Wedding-3872Charlotte and Reda Wedding-3991Charlotte and Reda Wedding-3906Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4094Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4383Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4148 copyCharlotte and Reda Wedding-4175Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4242Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4130
Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4281Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4304Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4318Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4328Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4377Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4362Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4553
Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4549Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4551
Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4556Charlotte and Reda Wedding-3250Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4563Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4592Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4802Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4595Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4605Charlotte and Reda Wedding-3267Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4571Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4796Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4723Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4758Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4749 copyCharlotte and Reda Wedding-4864Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4892Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4932Blog-4927Blog-4935Charlotte and Reda Wedding--55Charlotte and Reda Wedding-5080Charlotte and Reda Wedding-5056Charlotte and Reda Wedding--7Charlotte and Reda Wedding-5005 bw

Charlotte and Reda Wedding--26Charlotte and Reda Wedding-5017 bw

Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4996Charlotte and Reda Wedding--51

Charlotte and Reda Wedding-5026-2Charlotte and Reda Wedding-4973IMG_5092 c sh copyCharlotte and Reda Wedding-4618Blog-5106Blog-5214
Charlotte and Reda Wedding-5291Charlotte and Reda Wedding-5257Charlotte and Reda Wedding-5240Charlotte and Reda Wedding-5211Charlotte and Reda Wedding-5307


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Charlotte and Reda Wedding-3231

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