In addition to your wedding & family   packages, I offer DVD of hi-res files, albums, parents books, frames, wall prints, thank you cards and much more…

You can DOWNLOAD  a detailed Maternity and Newborn product price list here.


As well as event and portrait photography, I offer my services to schools   & nurseries.

For nurseries I prefer to take a little more time than normal to ensure I get the best possible pictures. I will take a selection of each child to try and capture the best possible expression. I like to work with children, but it’s difficult to control them if they are not in the mood, so whats why i choose traditional style portrait. The simple portrait photograph is the easiest and most time efficient.

20% of all sales will be given to the nursery.

Please contact me  for nursery and school price list.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Angela Mazur